Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping FAQ

What are my Order Processing expectations?

Orders received Monday through Friday will be processed within 24 hours of receipt. (Processing time does not include weekend days or holidays)
Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on the following Monday.
Orders placed with Priority shipping (Overnight or 2nd Day Service) will be processed the same day if received by 10:30 AM, CST (excluding weekends).
Orders are processed and shipped on business days only (Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays).

What are shipping charges and delivery timing?

FREE Standard Shipping for orders more than $100
$7.00 for Standard Shipping (3 to 5 business days from ship day. US Only)
$20.00 for Express Shipping (2 business days from ship date. US Only.)
$35.00 for Overnight Shipping (US Only)

$20.00 for Standard Shipping to Canada (5 to 7 business days from ship date)

How are orders shipped?

All orders, unless priority shipment is specified, will ship USPS.

Do I receive a shipping confirmation?

An email with shipping confirmation and tracking number will be sent when the order is on its way.

Can an order be shipped to Canada?

Yes, we are pleased to be able to ship to Canada.

Is there International shipping opportunities?

At the present time, PROFILE™ does not ship to addresses outside the 50 United States and U.S. territories.


Product FAQ

Why did Rob Lowe develop PROFILE™?

Rob developed PROFILE™ to provide men everywhere high performing grooming products designed specifically for them, generating hassle-free, lasting results. Rob has had experts on the set with him helping him to look and feel his best for four decades, and has learned what works for him. He took that process, combined some steps, and created others, to make grooming quick and easy for all men. Rob believes every man should have access to what he needs to maximize his potential and put his best face forward.

Why are R3 ingredients important?

PROFILE™ R3 ingredients deliver specific results for all men. The R3 ingredients are provided at tested levels in concentrated formulas so they work hard to give men what they need.

R3 ingredients:

• Rescue skin from daily damage by soothing and calming the skin from the results of shaving and daily wear and tear.

• Restore skin to transform it to the perfect balance of hydrating and moisturizing for a youthful, invigorated look.

• Renew skin with anti-aging benefits that help ease the visual signs of aging by reenergizing and rebuilding skin to lift, firm, reduce wrinkles and protect against future damage.

Why does PROFILE™ avoid adding water to a formula?

With PROFILE™ products every ingredient in a formula is added for a specific reason to drive results. Water will never be a primary ingredient and therefore will never appear alone on the ingredient label – which is the case for many other major brands in men’s grooming. If there is a tested ingredient blend that has water in the base, water will be listed as part of the blend on the label to ensure the ingredient blend performs as tested.

What are Eco Cert Selected Ingredients?

Eco Cert Selected Ingredients are ingredients with clinically proven therapeutic activity. This means all ingredients are sustainable, traceable, non GMO, biodegradable and have a low carbon footprint. These actives are also non-allergenic and have not been tested on animals.

Are any PROFILE™ products animal tested?

No. PROFILE™ does not test products on animals – ever!

What does Toxic Free Certified represent?

The core philosophy rooted in Toxic Free products is two-fold. First, products must “Do No Harm”. Second, products must perform equal to or better than their chemical counterparts. A true Toxic Free formula uses non-emulsifier and non-preservative systems to help slow down the aging of skin and create younger-looking skin.

What are Biomimetic ingredients?

Biomimetics are scientifically developed ingredients that are inspired by nature. These natural ingredients mimic biochemical processes in the skin to help create youthful skin.

What are Moisture Magnets?

Saccharide Isomerate (Moisture Magnets) are a unique skin-identical carbohydrate complex that attracts to water and absorbs it, like sugar. Moisture Magnets create instant hydration and deep hydration for healthier skin.

What is the “Youth Gene”?

The “Youth Gene” is derived from clinically tested Peptides. “Youth Genes” provide optimal skin firming and restoration by helping to boost the collagen level in skin. Natural collagen levels drop after the age of 20 and continue to decrease with time. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the signs of aging with natural, noninvasive methods using the “Youth Gene” to help boost collagen.

Why is the shave gel also offered as the shaving enhancer?

A quality shave gel is key to a smooth, close shave. A gel provides superior slip to lift hair, decrease surface tension and maintain a barrier to reduce nicks and cuts. The moisture from the gel also helps restore the moisture shaving can strip away.

Are the products for all skin types?

Yes. All products are dermatologist tested for safety and to avoid skin irritation. In addition, all products are Toxic Free Certified so men can feel confident that no harsh chemicals or preservatives are included.

Are there fragrances in PROFILE™ products?

Rob Lowe personally developed a natural based scent in collaboration with a leading fragrance house for ACTION Rehydrating Cleanser and RECHARGE Age Combating Post Shave Serum to enhance the product experience. All other products are fragrance free.

Is the packaging recyclable?

The packaging is comprised of multi-layer materials for maximum product formula performance. The individual components are recyclable when disassembled.